Ph. D - Surgery

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The PhD degree in surgery offers an individual research training programme to build the skills needed for research..

The PhD degree in surgery offers an individual research training programme to build the skills needed for research. The Diploma is awarded after 2-3 years of supervised research on completion of a portfolio and oral viva. The purpose of the surgery Diploma is to develop competence in independent research at a specialist level and to prepare students for further study, including higher degrees. The Doctor of Philosophy degree in surgery (PhD) may be taken as a research degree only; it is not training for medical practice. The PhD course will allow students to undertake independent research on a topic of their choice and to benefit from the supervision of senior academics. As part of the application procedure, students must identify a potential supervisor, who will provide some financial support at PhD level for each student and will act as co-supervisor. The PhD degree in surgery requires an extended period of induction and preparation before starting your research. During this period the prospective candidate will be considered a graduate student at Papworth Hospital. The placement throughout the proposed research program will be divided between University and NHS supervisors on a 50:50 basis and overseen by the Deputy Director, Research Development. With a PhD degree in Surgery, you can research any area of surgery. Research is conducted under the guidance of a Faculty of Surgery supervisor. It may include research into surgery or investigations into other surgical disciplines, basic sciences, healthcare systems, social sciences or medical management.

The PhD should demonstrate that the student can design and carry out independent research using his or her initiative. Students must do one or more individual pieces of research, each taking 12-18 months to complete. The thesis itself should have a consistent thread running through it: the project that you set yourself. There should be no obvious gaps in the material covered or unexplained changes of direction. The thesis should always be recognizable as a proper piece of intellectual work that you could, if you so chose, publish as a journal article in its own right. Doctor of Philosophy in Surgery is a 3-year course and candidates should have done their post-graduation to be eligible for PhD in Surgery exams.

All candidates will be admitted based on the marks obtained in the Entrance Test conducted by the department concerned. The admission of candidates, however, will be governed by the categories as laid down by the government of India and any deviation/modification to these categories shall be made by the Competent Authority only. The marks of GATE/NET/SET/M.Phil/JRF etc. Examination will be considered for promotion both at PhD and M.Phil level and for Ranking among the successful candidates. Once you have applied for the PhD programme, you will be sent an admission form as a Word document in an e-mail. You can fill out the entire form with your answers to any question and mail it back to us. If you complete the entrance exam we shall communicate the official decision to you via e-mail.