Ph. D - Pharmacology

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It studies drugs and their effects on the body. It involves studying drug molecules interacting with cells in the body.

PhD Pharmacology is a research-based doctoral degree that Universities offer across the globe and in India. It studies drugs and their effects on the body. It involves studying drug molecules interacting with cells in the body and how they affect overall body functions and constituent organs. PhD Pharmacology or Doctorate in Pharmacology is an advanced class of medicine that helps to thoroughly investigate the scientific facts regarding the human body and its reactions to drugs. The scientists working in this field look at and are involved with the responses between a drug and the body that maximise its medicinal effect. The PhD. Pharmacology course is a research-based doctoral program for the field of pharmacology. It covers several areas of study, including general pharmacology, basic medical sciences, pharmaceutical science/biological chemistry, toxicology and cardiology. With the dissertation for each student, students will identify a problem in pharmacology and find its solution. A Doctorate in Pharmacology is a research-based degree for medical doctors and PhD holders. The course is a clinical and a primary science degree, ensuring excellent knowledge of the subject in both domains. It trains students to be academicians and researchers, able to teach and carry out research at leading institutions. PhD Pharmacology is best suited for students who want to pursue high-level research studies in pharmacology. Our course ensures that our students understand the practice of pharmacology and gain enough knowledge and skills so they are eligible for postgraduate choices or can opt for careers in pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutes, and biotechnology firms.

PhD in Pharmacology is a 3-year course, and the average fee of this course is 2 to 4 lakh rupees. The fee structure will largely depend on the category of the institute or college. There are three different fee facilities which include government, private colleges or private universities. Some of the top colleges for PhD Pharmacology are NIPER, Jamia Hamdard, Annamalai University, Institute of Chemical Technology. The UGC NET, CSIR NET, and GATE are aptitude tests used to assess the knowledge of candidates who are planning to pursue a research-based career in higher education. These tests ensure that candidates have the knowledge and skills required by universities and research institutions. The tests also help promote innovations and improvements in educational processes."

The eligibility criteria of 55% aggregate marks in Pharmacology should be 55%/C-50%. In the case of SCs/STs, it is 50%/C-. The grades that you obtained earlier and marks scored in qualifying exto maximise entrance tests are counted. However, essential applicants maximising straight the pose toward seeking after art in pharmacology by getting good scores in the entrance tests. Considering the high level of competition aspiring to get into a PhD Pharmacology program in India, it is evident that students are looking for ways to develop themselves to maximise their performance. Aptitude Net is a complete solution for maximising your chances of getting into a National level entrance exam. Given the opportunity to prepare with the quality training material provided by Aptitude Net, one can feel assured of making it to the final list of candidates comprising those who will secure a seat in the PhD Pharmacology program.