Ph. D - Forensic Medicine

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Forensic medicine deals with the assessment of the death of any person. We also call it forensic pathology..

Forensic medicine deals with the assessment of the death of any person. We also call it forensic pathology. It is the gathering of medical information to decide the reasons for injury; self-inflicted or natural. Forensic pathology is a subdivision of forensic technology and a department of medication. A professional in forensic medication is a forensic pathologist i.e. a physician who has completed training in anatomical pathology.
Ph.D. in Forensic Science is a research based course with a duration of 2 to five years. The course is taught in some reputed colleges in India. The course teaches the art of gathering of bodily proof which might screen the authentic motive of demise. In majority of the cases, admission to Ph.D. Forensic Science is normally done on the basis of the merit of the candidate after calculating his/her overall performance in a private interview. PhD Forensic Science may be studied in some colleges in India. Ph.D. Forensic Science is in particular intended for those college students who desire to examine the motive of demise of people who die an unnatural death. Some of the topics taught under this course are Ethics & Research Methods in Forensic Science, Forensic & Information Technology, Introduction to Forensic Chemistry, etc. The fee required to pursue this course ranges from INR 48,000 to 1,60,000. After completing the course, the students can also choose to pursue research in their field. They additionally get the chance to work within the clinical sector too. The average income earned with the aid of the PhD Forensic Science graduates ranges between NR 3,00,000 and 8,00,000. The income varies consistently with your task profile and your understanding of the field. 
If you desire to take up Ph.D. Forensic Science, then you definitely have to fulfil the following eligibility standards:

  • A candidate has to complete his masters in Forensic Science or any another equivalent discipline. 
  • The candidate must clear the minimum cut-off of the admission test. The cut-off is decided every 12 months by the associated university. 
  • The candidate has to additionally perform well for the private interview which may be conducted on clearing the entrance test.

Forensic Science is quite a popular discipline in India. Let us see what the PhD Forensic Science course is all about:

PhD Forensic Science mainly focuses on the study of living organisms including human beings. The course involves the study of DNA copying in various organisms. The course is mainly meant for candidates who wish to pursue research activities in Forensic Science. The PhD Forensic Science course has a really broad spectrum. The Forensic Science course has a logical and an analytical approach. It prepares the students to study the human body in detail and find out the cause of death whenever required. After completing the course, the students are provided with various other career opportunities including further research. In order to become a successful researcher in Forensic Science, a candidate must possess excellent logical, analytical, time management and leadership skills.