Ph. D - Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

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Cardiothoracic surgery is the study of medicine involved with the treatment and surgical procedures that are a part of the thoracic region..

Cardiothoracic surgery is the study of medicine involved with the treatment and surgical procedures that are a part of the thoracic region. This involves the organs like the heart, the lungs, the pleural mediastinal structures, and the conditions and diseases that occur in company with them. The structures within it include the structure of the cardiovascular system, which include the heart, the thoracic aorta, the superior vena cava, the inferior, vena cava, the pulmonary veins, the structures that are a part of the respiratory system, like the trachea, diaphragm, lungs, and bronchi. Certain systems of the digestive systems, such as the oesophagus. Glands are a part of the endocrine systems such as the thymus gland. The course involves the major study of the heart muscle, which comes up with major functions and conditions that may sometimes need treatment along with other procedures. These involve surgical procedures such as open-heart surgery, modern beating-heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery, pediatric cardiovascular surgery, lung volume reduction surgery, lung cancer surgery. Vascular surgery is a careful subspecialty in which infections of the vascular framework, or conduits, veins, and lymphatic dissemination, are overseen by clinical treatment, negligibly intrusive catheter methodology, and careful remaking. The forte developed from general and heart medical procedures, and incorporates therapy of the body's other major and fundamental veins and corridors. Open medical procedure strategies, just as endovascular methods are utilized to treat vascular illnesses. The vascular specialist is prepared in the conclusion and the executives of sicknesses influencing all pieces of the vascular framework barring the coronaries and intracranial vasculature.

The course involves the study of the anatomy of the thoracic structures and surgical procedures to repair damages. A specialist after completing the course is expected to be able to recognize the importance of medical conditions that affect the health of their patients. Be able to use cardiothoracic vascular surgery techniques in keeping with the principles of professional ethics, identify various economic, environmental, social, and other determinants of the cardiothoracic disorders and understand the rehabilitative, preventive, and therapeutic methods to provide holistic care to their patients. Be able to take a detailed history, perform physical examinations and be able to conduct a diagnosis. Be able to perform and interpret relevant investigations which involve laboratory and imaging techniques. Be able to perform and interpret important diagnostic procedures and diagnose illnesses based on the analysis of history, physical examination, and investigative workup. Be able to plan and deliver comprehensive treatment for illness in adults using principles of rational drug therapy. Plan and advise measures for the prevention of diseases, plan rehabilitation of adults suffering from chronic illness, and those with special needs, and manage emergencies efficiently. 

The Doctor of Philosophy - Anesthesia is a post-graduation research specialization, where students can apply to different institutes to conduct research and studies on anesthesia and the various topics related to it. Candidates wishing to apply for such a course must have a minimum qualification of an MBBS certificate or graduate studies in the field of anesthesia from a recognized state or central board of medicine. The students applying must also have research topics on hand and submit those applications along with the requirements to the institutes from which they will be screened and selected. The course offers plenty of job opportunities, where they can work as attending cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon in a government of private health care centers, they can also work on several of the research topics and projects that have taken up all over the world to build life-changing discoveries in the field of medicine for the study development and treatment of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.