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Neurologists are scientific docs or osteopath who deal with fearful system, spinal cord, brain, nerves, muscle tissue and ache disorders..

Neurologists are doctors or osteopaths who deal with the nervous systems, spinal cord, brain, nerves, muscular tissues, and ache disorders. They are well-trained in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological diseases. They conduct a lot of scientific tests and a lot of basic, advanced, and scientific research. Most neurologists work in hospitals and usually draw more than 40 hours a week. This profession has a capability for excessive profits and presents one with notable pride as they enhance people’s fitness and shape their lives. Usually, neurologists may also specialize in specific areas including headache medication, neuro-intensive care, autonomic neurological diseases, infant neurology, neuro-oncology, etc. 

There are neurologists in India as well as abroad. Due to the complexity of their duties, these doctors are among the highest-paid health professionals. Some of the most popular jobs for neurologists are practicing in: 

  • Public hospital Spine and Brain Clinics
  • Private hospitals
  •  Army Medical Service
  •  Railway medical facilities
  •  Private practice Specialists 
  • Medical schools

The eligibility criteria for getting into post doctorate fellowship program as is that the applicant need to be an Indian citizen. The applicant should have received Ph.D./M.D./M.S. diploma from a well-recognized University. Those who've submitted their PhD/M.D/M.S thesis and are awaiting for a degree  of the diploma also are eligible to apply. However, such applicants, if selected, will be supplied with lower amount to that which is normally paid in fellowship, this is will continue until they are announced eligible for that degree which they were waiting for. The age limit for fellowship is 35 years on the time of the submission of application, age could be calculated via taking the date of closure of the respective call. Age relaxation of 5 (five) years could be given to applicants belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Physically Challenged & Women applicants. NPDF (National post doctorate fellowship) can only be availed once in a lifetime by the candidate. Mentor should keep an everyday instructional / studies role in a recognized organization in India.  Candidate should keep Ph.D. diploma in Science or Engineering. A mentor shall not have greater than two SERB NPDF fellows at any given time. Aspirants of NPDF, ECRA and CRG (EMR) can enroll once in a calendar year in anyone of those schemes. The fellowship is tenable best in India and may be carried out in any of the recognized instructional institutions, country wide laboratories and different well-known R & D institutions. The host organization need to offer important administrative and infrastructural support. The fellows are not allowed to work with the Ph.D. guide/co-guide. It is generally not availed on the identical Department / organization wherein the applicants have earned their PhD/ M.S / M.D diploma. The fellowship is only a transient assignment, and is tenable to begin with for a duration of two years.