MD - Venereology

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Venereology is a faction of medicine that focuses on the research and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)..

Venereology is a faction of medicine that focuses on the research and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In many regions of the globe, this specialization is normally coupled with dermatology as venereology usually deals with skin-related sexual diseases and ailments of the skin, often stretching to hair and nail diseases. The field includes exercise and continuous modification of procedures to get rid of discolorations from the skin, abnormal behaviour of skin which could be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases, additional growth in the skin, etc. Few such ailments are eczema, psoriasis, and hypersensitivities of the skin and scalp, etc. Venereal disorders include infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Some of the main conditions are HIV AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes simplex, candidiasis, genital scabies, human papillomavirus infection, etc. Additional sexually transmitted diseases studied in the domain are lymphogranuloma venereum, hepatitis B, cytomegalovirus infection, chancroid and granuloma inguinale. In India, approved training of venereologists commenced in 1910, inspiring serology and microscopy to come into common usage throughout the nation. Prior to this, many instances of early syphilis were either misdiagnosed as chancroid or missed completely. To arrive at a judgment, questionable abnormal cases were at times left untreated to see if they advanced into secondary syphilis. Qualified venereologists are productively hired in backgrounds such as nursing residences, government or private hospitals, dispensaries and clinics or may opt for tutoring jobs in colleges or universities or may proceed to private clinical practice.

MD Venereology teaches a clinical approach to the patient of sexually transmitted disease, epidemiological characters of STDs, viral STDs including HIV,  Herpes,  Espirito Santo virus (ESV), Molluscum contagiosum, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), etc,  anatomy of male and female genitalia, bacterial STD’s like Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Donovanosis, Chancroid etc., chlamydial diseases like urethritis, nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), Lymphogranuloma venereum, cervicitis, non-specific vaginitis etc, fungal infections like Candidiasis, ectoparasitic infections like scabies, protozoal disorders such as trichomoniasis, pediculosis infestations etc.  Control, counselling and teaching about various STDs like HIV, Community Control Programmes of STDs and HIV infections, social and Medico-legal aspects of STDs comprising behavioural and psychological aberrations in STD patients are also taught. The course equips scholars to be skilled in the clinical approach to the patient of sexually transmitted diseases. The course also enables a student to understand the histopathological examinations including laboratory assistance associated with venereology. Pupils will also be able to conduct procedures like bubo aspiration and tissue smear, gram stain, dark ground illumination etc along with being able to handle the subject according to syndromic strategy for the treatment of STDs. Major themes of study that form a component of the program are skin genetics, immunology of venereological diseases, skin structure and development of skin, basic reactions of the skin, repair and carcinogenesis, cellular and molecular inflammation.

MD - Venereology is a 2 to 3-year full-time course in medical science, whose minimum qualification required for pursuance is the successful assessment of MBBS or equivalent degrees such as BHMS, BDS, DMS. Some institutions also conduct entrance examinations for the admission process. Practitioners of MD Venereology are mainly hired as Dermatology professor, principally having teaching responsibilities, and supervising residents and medical students, skin specialist, qualified for enhancing and cleansing the face and body to improve a person's presentation, clinical application specialist who in the medical care enterprise conduct therapy sittings to families of mental disorder cases and as resident specialists in sexual health and artificial reproduction facilities.