MD - Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine is the health care faction that deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries related to physical activities both recreational and competitive..

Sports Medicine is the health care faction that deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries related to physical activities both recreational and competitive. It covers a vast scope like in the case of trainers in gymnasiums who get injured while putting extreme pressure on themselves during their workouts to athletes from various arrays of sports.  Sports medicine doctors treat disorders such as bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint-related injuries. They may also attend to disorders that can create a hindrance in physical performance, like cholesterol and diabetes. They also help in the management and prevention of injuries that could be career-threatening. Sports medicine practitioners also deliver workload management interventions which have been in news in recent times owing to the stress fractures suffered by international cricketers, nullifying the onus of chronic ailments as a result of physical stagnation and the telling indication for the robustness of workouts like gym works, athletics, cross-fit, calisthenics, and aerobics in the prevention of diseases. Sports Medicine program combines the work carried out by specialists from surgery, emergency medicine, psychosomatic trauma acquired through physical work, nutrition, and physiotherapy. With India now boasting a growing trend in physical activities and working out, sports Medicine has developed into a fruitful career choice, particularly for those who seek a career in fitness and medicine.

The course is valued greatly as it exposes students to in-depth details regarding musculoskeletal issues, the major problems faced by athletes. It gets students acquainted with treatment methods, area of focus, rehabilitation, and therapy to help the athletes get back into peak physical shape. It sticks to a consolidated method where the focal point is on inculcating in students, the proficiency to understand the complexities of medicine and their relevance in sports as a field of study. The doctors commence their academics by centering on emergency medicine, taking up residency programs in orthopedics, pediatrics, etc. This helps in building a strong base for future qualifications in the program. MD in Sports medicine equips students with advanced competency and expertise, including clinical reasoning in evaluation, and treatment of sports injuries. Efforts are made during the training period to ensure that time is spent judiciously in the lab. Since it is a direct communication-oriented field, students are trained to perform evaluations of athletes, observing their physical well-being, psychological profile, physical limitations, etc., and then proposing restorative steps, succeeded by follow-ups. 

The eligibility criterion for MD in sports medicine is an MBBS degree from a university recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) though some of the reputed colleges conduct entrance exams succeeded by counseling. Generally, it is a 3-year course although the duration can vary depending upon the university one is enrolling in. Doctors after the completion of the program are eligible to get hired in many government and private institutions as orthopedics with expertise in physical therapy, musculoskeletal problems, etc. MD in Sports Medicine enables students with job opportunities in fields such as sports medicine research, occupational therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, kinesiology, physical therapy, sports physio, etc.