MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation additionally known as physical and rehabilitation medicine is a faction of medical science that highlights the diagnosis.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation additionally known as physical and rehabilitation medicine is a faction of medical science that highlights the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of ailments, especially those of the cardiovascular, neuro-musculoskeletal and pulmonary systems, that may result in permanent or temporary movement restriction, incapacity, or involvement restraint. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is an autonomous clinical regimen. It has a wide range as it renders desegregated complete attention in the diagnosis,  rehabilitation supervision and treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological,cardio-pulmonary inabilities from transferred or inherent ailments manifesting at any time in life from pediatric to geriatric states. This branch concentrates on the replenishment of capacity of individuals to the most eminent plausible level, employing an interdisciplinary unit strategy, utilizing therapeutic and diagnostic tools including counselling, education, therapeutic exercises, prescription of medicines, equipment like orthotic-prosthetic devices, mobility assistance, supportive techniques, modalities, and physical agents etc., injective shots, surgical intrusions for the repair of malformations etc. in an establishment based, out-reach or society based frameworks, based on the assessment of the subject under attention. It is also associated with evaluation, disability prevention, and certification, besides monitoring, developing, and overseeing a recovery strategy and leading a research and development policy. In outpatient contexts, physical medicine and & rehabilitation practitioners handle patients with joint and muscle injuries,  non-healing wounds, pain syndromes, and other conditions involving disability. They are qualified to give shots directly into muscle or joints as a pain mitigation option. Contemporarily they are also being equipped in nerve transmission studies and electromyography.

MD-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program is related to the manner of training medical bachelors in the area of anatomical science so that they can become qualified to function on human physiques. The discipline needs pupils to have an understanding of physical restraints/inabilities so that they can concentrate on enhancing the performance and functionality of the concerned body part using the proper remedy and recovery programs. The field deals with a thorough investigation of patient care, clinical rehabilitation, clinical care, environment and epidemiological related determinants of ailments, timely medication. The program strives to build a proficient medical expert out of a medical graduate. The student would be capable of investigating, suspecting, diagnosing, assessing, validating, treating, verifying, and rehabilitating if and when an individual is hurting from a  permanent or temporary restraint in function or limitation in participation; the pupil would be able to prescribe, plan, supervise and manage the accomplishment of rehabilitation strategy through a unified, inter-disciplinary team comprising numerous medical, nursing, related health specialists. Pupils registering in the program are trained in matters related to the following functional areas of the human body viz. musculoskeletal pain management, cancer rehabilitation,  intervention physiatry, lifestyle disease modification,  surgical rehabilitation, amputee care, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, rheumatologic rehabilitation, and electrodiagnostic medicine.
MD-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a 3 year full time course whose eligibility criteria is an MBBS degree and a 1 year mandatory internship/house surgeoncy from an institution approved by the Medical Council of India. Some premier institutions in the country also conduct entrance examinations followed by counselling for the same. Practitioners of this speciality can appear for roles in government hospitals, primary, health care centres. Defense organisations also hire doctors for military medical aids where they are required to render their services in the field. Aspirants can also apply for  Combined Medical Service (CMS) examination conducted by UPSC which grants an occasion to work as a Medical officer in several central government managed health organisations. Those concentrating in this domain are wanted in fields such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, skeletal injuries treatment, surgery, cancer treatment, R&D etc.