Master of Hospital Administration

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The programme seeks to enable leaders to develop hospital systems and services capable of meeting the challenges and emerging opportunities of this dynamic sector..

The Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) programme is a unique postgraduate educational initiative in the country, designed to provide professional managers for the rapidly growing hospital sector. The programme seeks to enable leaders to develop hospital systems and services capable of meeting the challenges and emerging opportunities of this dynamic sector. The Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) programme has been designed to meet the requirements of the Hospital Sector. The course took into account the specific needs and challenges of the hospital sectors and produced professional managers who can effectively manage the ever-growing hospital sector. The MHA Programme aims to create holistic and well-rounded managers who can handle the hospital as a business with the added advantages of their unique knowledge and experience from the clinical side. The scope of the MHA house officer training programme aims to enhance core managerial and professional competencies, including leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, management of work performance, compliance with laws and regulations, innovation in hospital operation, quality assurance standards (ISO 9001), hospital services and emergency preparedness. The MHA is an accredited degree at one of the best colleges in this field, so a career in health administration could offer you excellent possibilities. This particular degree focuses on the general administration of healthcare organisations and health in various populations and systems. It also provides you with a strong background in the sciences and patient care.

The Master of Hospital Management is a Two-Year postgraduate hospital management course offered by the University's Health Services and Hospital Management School. The course covers the full range of management subject areas, from finance to human resources to marketing and more. Graduates are highly sought after by hospitals and healthcare facilities, and this extensive program offers the real-world skills you'll need to tackle the challenges of any setting. Pursuing a management degree is a smart career move that can put you in line for promotions and prepare you for the next step in your education. Our Master of Hospital Management course provides students with the knowledge and tools they need to run hospitals like businesses. With a solid foundation in leadership, strategic planning, and financial management, you'll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Some of the top reputed colleges for Master of Hospital Administration are Amity University in Noida, NSHM Knowledge Campus in Kolkata, Geetanjali University in Udaipur, and Father Muller College Allied Health Sciences in Mangalore. 

Admission to Administration of Hospital Course is based on merit — a candidate should have passed 12th with 50% marks or equivalent CGPA. The Certificate in Hospitality Management covers all aspects of Hospitality Management. The course gives a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the functions and operations involved in the everyday management of any establishment, which includes hotels, restaurants, holiday clubs, travel agencies, cruise ships and other such organisations. The course will explain events planning and management, procurement operations and strategies, housekeeping and customer services. The programme is both theoretical and practical based on everyday operations of the hospital ranging from planning, quality assurance, and facilitation of care to financial management. It is focused on developing skills and expertise in a wide range of areas, which will enable a student to be successful in pursuing a career in the field of hospital management.