Master of Public Health (Epidemiology)

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Epidemiology provides us with the information needed to help prevent disease. .

Epidemiology provides us with the information needed to help prevent disease. Epidemiology plays a critical role in protecting people from health problems. Monitoring the prevalence of diseases is an important part of public health. The doctors use epidemiologic data to make sure you don't get sick. They’re the only way you can ensure that the answer to this question is “no.” Epidemiology focuses on health risk factors that are easy to define and measure. An epidemiology study would survey doctors and patients to find out why people have certain conditions. With the right skills and knowledge, an MPH in Epidemiology can help you start your career and make a difference.
Public Health Epidemiology MPH ** An MPH in Public Health Epidemiology gives you the skills to find solutions to public health problems. MPH in Epidemiology integrates a strong foundation in epidemiological methods with an advanced set of general graduate courses spanning the behavioural, biomedical, social, and public health sciences. A master in health degree shows that you are not only interested in a career in public health, but that you have also taken the time to explore the beginnings of epidemiological thinking.

A Master of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology provides a foundation in the quantifiable principles and practices of epidemiologic methods and requires passing a standardized exam for the degree. A Master of Public Health in Epidemiology will give you the tools you need to make an impact on other people's lives by working to solve public health issues. The Master of Public Health (MPH) program in Epidemiology prepares students to be leaders in research and the management of epidemics in the United States and abroad. The MPH degree in Epidemiology trains you for a rewarding career in public health and an opportunity to make a positive impact on society. The degree offers you the best way to prepare for a career that focuses on trying to prevent disease in human populations. The MPH in Epidemiology is designed for students interested in careers in applied public health and the prevention of disease. Why study epidemiology? It’s an approach that combines different academic disciplines into one course of study. It will enable you to work in a career seeking to reduce disease in human populations and to promote health among people, communities, and even nations.

The course of Master of Public Health Epidemiology comes under the category of Health sciences. Health sciences are a large category. This course can only be taken up by the students who have completed a bachelor degree in any of the health sciences such as Nursing, MBBS, etc. The course lasts for two years. After the completion of the course, students can be known as Master of Public Health Epidemiology. Epidemiologists can choose to get a specialisation in any of the diseases which can be infectious, chronic, environmental, reproductive and much more. Epidemiologists are one of the most demanded in public health all around the world. They are paid even much as compared to other doctors.