MD - Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine

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Aerospace medicine also called flight medicine or aviation medicine is precautionary or professional medicine in which the cases/patients are, aircrew, pilots or spacemen. .

Aerospace medicine also called flight medicine or aviation medicine is precautionary or professional medicine in which the cases/patients are, aircrew, pilots or spacemen. The speciality endeavours to manage or check contingencies to which aircrews are especially vulnerable. The practitioners of aviation medicine apply medical expertise to the human determinants in flight and thus form a crucial element of flight safety. Broadly described, this subspeciality attempts to detect and counter different conflicting physiological responses to unfriendly physical and biological pressures faced in aviation situations. Difficulties extend from life assistance actions for astronauts to identifying an ear obstruction in a child passenger on an aeroplane with raised cabin pressure due to altitude. Aeromedical authentication of pilots, patients and aircrew is also a component of aerospace medicine. Another subspecialty being talked about contemporarily is Aero-Medical transportation whose practitioners are involved with assisting in the wellness of patients and aircrew who are carried by evacuation aircraft like aeroplanes or helicopters.

MD-Aviation Medicine teaches students to acquire knowledge of basic sciences relevant to this speciality. The program helps to identify social, emotional and environmental factors in a presented case, and take them into the reckoning for performing curative measures. Scholars will be able to participate meaningfully in all phases of aircraft mishap probe particularly aero-medical perspectives and personnel determinants. They will have an extensive understanding of flight apparel and life care operations of aircraft on camp and renew the same with constant communication with aircrew and technicians. They will be able to identify medical difficulties in the aircraft and find a relevant solution. They can also provide their expertise concerning the supervision of the case and to conduct this administration efficiently. They are equipped to acknowledge circumstances that may be outside the domain of their expertise/proficiency and to transfer them to the proper expert. They undertake inspection, use information technology means and conduct studies, both fundamental and clinical, with the purpose of publicizing their work and exhibiting their work at different scientific panels. They are enabled to present a complete understanding of difficulties posed to human physiology by the conditions in aviation. They can describe the pathophysiology, aetiology, supervision of general problems including emergencies, principles of diagnosis and in adults and children. They will be able to understand evidence and techniques for electrolyte and fluid replacement therapy like a blood transfusion. The main topics covered in the course are applied basic science knowledge, diseases with reference to general medicine, recent advances, biostatistics and clinical epidemiology, decision-making, diagnostic investigation and procedures, monitoring seriously ill patients, counselling patients and relatives, ability to teach undergraduate students, ability to carry out research, ward and out-patient management, long and short topic presentations, ward rounds, case presentations and discussions,     clinical and radiological and clinicopathological conferences, journal conferences, pg case presentation clinics, research reviews etc. 

MD-Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine is a 3 year full time course whose eligibility is an MBBS degree and a mandatory 1 year internship/house surgeoncy from any institution recognized by the Medical Council India (MCI).  The domain of aviation medicine is very large, with multiple utilisations in not just aviation organizations but in many other businesses. And because of this, there are various sectors providing employment in forecasts of aviation medicine programs.  The main work areas after fulfilment of MD Aviation Medicine consists of military and civilian aviation, flight medicine, flight familiarisation,radiation health,airline medical clinic, space medicine,flight surgeon training and aerospace manufacturing.