M.Sc - Medical Bio-chemistry

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Medical biochemistry is an exciting area of study. It requires an understanding of secular biology..

Medical biochemistry is an exciting area of study. It requires an understanding of secular biology. Its scope includes the Chemistry of Cells Comprising Human Organism. Structure and function of cells of the human organism; chemical reactions occurring inside the cell, cell division and its control, cellular transport and energy conversion mechanisms; diseases resulting from genetic defects or due to toxic compounds in the environment, as well as disinfections caused by parasitic organisms and viruses; methods to prevent or reduce their impact on human health. Bi chemistry is the study of the chemical processes that are a part of living organisms. Through chemical analysis and testing, scientists can understand what makes our bodies work and help to solve problems like a disease. Biochemistry is the study that deals with the chemical processes in living organisms. It combines biology and chemistry to help scientists understand conditions and develop new drugs. A discipline that brings together biology and chemistry, biochemistry is an area of science often applied to understand and solve biochemical problems—the M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry is a two-year postgraduate degree in biochemistry. It’s going to be fun because it’s going to have a lot of slides! The MSc. in Medical Biochemistry is a postgraduate degree program in biochemistry that includes physiology, biology and pharmacology. Students who have already completed their undergraduate work in any of the fields mentioned above must apply for this program. MSc Medical Biochemistry covers the fascinating world of molecular medicine. You’ll explore how cells, genes and proteins sustain life—and how we can apply this knowledge to improve quality of life.

There are a variety of colleges that offer the program of M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry. Even though the name of these colleges may vary, they are all outstanding in their programs.' One of the highly reputed colleges for biochemistry in India is SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences in Andhra Pradesh, Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka, Savitribai Phule Pune University and Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry. If you’re an ideal candidate, you should be a diligent learner and clear the entrance exam with a good score. It would help if you were prepared for the interview process conducted by various institutions and universities. The course will help you understand the applications of chemistry and biochemistry in medical science. The average salary for graduates after completing the practice ranges from 2 to 4 Lacs, which depends on the position chosen. These figures are decided based on a survey of companies that participated in 2017 and 2018. Candidates willing to take up this course should be focused on the profession, have attention to detail and immense patience. The job market is open for them after obtaining the degree to work as a counsellor.

For a competitive applicant, the entrance examination is a must-have. Applicants can prepare for these examinations by opting for face to face interview course and Medical Biochemistry. The program aids candidates in polishing their skills of analysing the subject, strengthening their memory as well as gain a logical mindset to get to the depth of the study. Biochemistry is the first step towards a rewarding career in medicine, pharmaceuticals, food products and packaging. If you’re interested in biology and research, this course offers you the chance to explore these fields more deeply.