M.Sc - Medical Anatomy

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Anatomy is the division of biology involved with the research of the composition of animals and their body parts. .

Anatomy is the division of biology involved with the research of the composition of animals and their body parts. Anatomy deals with the fundamental structure of living things. Anatomy and physiology analyses the arrangement and purpose of living beings and their parts sequentially form a straightforward combination of complementary factions and are often read together. Human anatomy is one of the primary basic sciences that are employed in medicine. The branch of anatomy is subdivided into microscopic and macroscopic. Macroscopic anatomy, or gross anatomy, is the analysis of an organism’s body parts utilising only unassisted vision. Microscopic anatomy requires the use of visual devices to study the structures of tissues, termed histology, and in the study of cells called cytology. Anatomy is considerably different from biochemistry and physiology which deal respectively with the chemical processes and functions of those parts involved. For instance, when an anatomist is bothered about the shape, position, size,  blood supply, structure, of a body part like the liver,  a physiologist is occupied with the function of the liver in nutrition, generation of bile, and the management of bodily activities.

M.Sc Medical Anatomy program focuses on the systematic study of tissue compositions, organ arrangements, and full bodies collectively with their structural and cellular elements and dynamics. The program incorporates study and research in structural biology, cell biology, regional and gross anatomy, molecular mechanics, embryology, neuroanatomy, endocrinology and secretory dynamics, and deployment in topics such as ageing and disease conditions. M.Sc Medical Anatomy is essentially the systematic study and research of the morphology of the individual body. The course is proper for consequent studies in institutions of medicine, nursing and dentistry and the understanding of the body and its physiological functions obtained in this course forms an important basis for physician associates, dental technicians and physical therapists, It allows pupils to update their information and improve investigative abilities by engaging in projects in various fields in anatomical sciences, evaluative studies of literature, a compilation of material, the processing, review, and evaluation of data. The course equips people to embrace various possibilities in medicine and health care from patient care and illness restriction to public health, research and teaching. It is also advantageous for additional studies such as PhD and M.Phil and in the equivalent or associated realm of study. The main subjects covered are basics of anatomy, general anatomy, basics of biochemistry, practical basics of physiology, dissertation, research methodology and biostatistics.

M.Sc Medical Anatomy is a 2-year post-graduate degree course, whose minimum qualification is a B.Sc. Anatomy or any associated training from an approved institute or its equivalent examination. Admission is through entrance examinations followed by counselling. The main job designations include medical coder who is responsible for reviewing individual medical records and allocate codes to diagnoses as well as procedures performed, lecturer, research assistant, responsible to collect and analyze information, prepare materials for submission, request supplies required for the project and supervise projects, a medical scientist in charge of running trial process, work in hospitals, clinic, and as genetic counsellors who analyze patient histories, give genetic testing, perform genetic risk calculations, instruct families about potential health issues and help an individual to cope with a diagnosis.