M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery

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Tending to the surgical needs of children of age group ranging from prenatal to teen years fall under the speciality of paediatric surgery. .

Tending to the surgical needs of children of age group ranging from prenatal to teen years fall under the speciality of paediatric surgery. Paediatric surgeons pursue the only speciality focused on a particular age group rather than a particular body part or condition. As children of various ages vary physiologically, the speciality demands great skill and vast knowledge from the practitioners. Paediatric surgeons perform surgical procedures and oversee rehabilitative care of various conditions affecting children such as Surgery for abnormalities of the groin in childhood and adolescence, birth defects that require surgery, serious injuries such as lacerations or gunshot wounds, tumours, endoscopic procedures, organ transplantation procedures, Herniotomy for congenital inguinal (groin area) hernia and hydrocoele, circumcision, and correction of umbilical hernia. They also oversee emergency procedures such as Appendix removal, Correction of torsion of the testis, Pyloromyotomy for pyloric stenosis, accidental injuries and all other surgical requirements in children. As children are the most vulnerable among the patients succumbing to death due to lack of necessary surgical needs, the area has been identified as crucial in ensuring child health. This has resulted in much-needed studies and advancements in the area in recent years such as alternatives to fetal surgery and invasive fetal interventions, progress in neonatal surgical procedures that have reduced mortality rates, greater understanding of biological mechanisms regulating normal and abnormal gut motility, several modern laparoscopic methods, greater insights into perioperative outcomes, and so on. Tissue engineering, capacity building in low-income countries, scarless healing, etcetera are some of the promising future endeavours.

Master of Chirurgiae in Paediatric Surgery is a one of a kind postgraduate course focused on training specialists to impart the knowledge and skills to meet all the surgical(post and pre) needs of children. The curriculum includes area and topics such as General knowledge of basic Medical Sciences as applied to paediatric surgery, Growth and development, Common Paediatric conditions and their treatment, Neonatal surgery, Organization of intensive Care unit, Genetics of surgery, Fetal anatomy and physiology, Metabolism and physiology, Malignancy in Childhood, Trauma in children including burns, Specialized investigative behaviour, Paediatric operative surgery, Pharmacokinetics, Pathology of surgical conditions, Aetiology and treatment of congenial information, Applied and regional anatomy and so on. In the third year, candidates will mostly undergo training in the paediatric surgical unit, assisting and performing surgical procedures under the supervision of seniors. After the completion of the course, students are expected to be able to diagnose various conditions and perform surgical procedures on children of all age group; they must have acquired the advanced skills to perform procedures such as Cystoscopy, gastroscopy, Lumbar puncture, and be able to manage emergency conditions. The knowledge to perform and interpret various diagnostic procedures such as  MRI, Barium enema, MCUG, IVP, Ultrasound, CT, Barium series, Doppler study, etcetera shall be taught. In addition, students must have effective communication skills, teaching & organisational skills to train others, and the ability to initiate and follow research procedures, must show great empathy and strive to follow all the ethical & legal obligations.

The course is rigorous and requires high levels of skill and patience from the students for the three years of its duration. Candidates who possess an MS degree in general surgery from an institution recognized by the medical council of India are eligible to apply. Selection will be based on performance in entrance tests and interview procedures of various institutions. Successful candidates can find employment as consultant surgeons or emergency surgeons in various government and private institutions. Paediatric surgeons are in high demand in war-torn areas and also in research facilities aiming to improve the field.