Fellowship in Paediatric Clinical & Emergency Care

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It is targeted towards training healthcare providers from developing countries to become competent, independent practitioners of pediatric emergency medicine..

A group of Post Graduate Medical Colleges have come together to introduce this Fellowship which aims to define the professional standards in pediatric emergency care in India. The program is designed to provide high-quality education in pediatric emergency medicine to developing countries of the world. It is targeted towards training healthcare providers from developing countries to become competent, independent practitioners of pediatric emergency medicine. The Pediatric Emergency Care Fellowship is a two-year, post-residency training program designed to bridge the gap between pediatric emergency medicine residency programs and emergency medicine practitioners. It provides an opportunity for emergency medicine practitioners who wish to gain more expertise in pediatric emergency medicine. It will also help hospitals develop a robust personality pediatric care system with a focus on patient safety. By earning a Certification from the Fellowship of the Academic College of Emergency Experts in India in Pediatric Emergency Care, you will prove to be an expert in obtaining an accurate medical history of the patients, performing physical examinations, taking vital signs, managing airways with an emphasis on pediatric airways and trauma management. This pathway is a great e-learning opportunity for current and aspiring Emergency Departments looking to enhance their knowledge in pediatric emergency care.

It is a known fact that there are only two recognised postgraduate degree programs for Emergency Medicine available in India. There are several medical colleges in India, along with certain affiliated teaching hospitals which offer patients training in emergency medicine. However, the academic college of emergency experts has provided one of the highest post-graduate degrees in this field. The Government of India has only sanctioned two recognised Post Graduate Degree Programs of Emergency Care at U.T. of Chandigarh, U.T. of Tiruchirappalli, M.H of Indore & Govt Medical College, Nagpur –– Emergency Medicine is not recognised by the Medical Council of India as a separate independent medical speciality. ACEE is always willing to work with ICC in joint advocacy efforts to identify Emergency Care in India. 

The College stands by all accredited Bodies, namely MCI and NBE. Having GMC recognition will ensure our commitment and interest in developing Quality Emergency Care for Emergency Patients. The College commits to the development and progress of quality emergency care for emergency patients. This includes offering one of the only recognised programs for doctors pursuing a master's degree in emergency care, as well as a fellowship program for doctors interested in furthering their career in emergency care. The objective is to make the health emergency educational prog, rams particularly in Emergency Medicine the at Paramedical level and to act as a bridge between the students and candidates of foreign countries and to give them easy access to an environment where they can develop skills, knowledge and expertise requisite for emergency care, treatment and management. Pediatric emergency care fellowships offer exceptional opportunities to acquire the necessary skills and competencies to become an influential provider of pediatric emergency care. As the number of fellowship programs expands, we must ensure that they offer opportunities to maximise fellowship training and clinical experience.