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Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons (F.C.P.S) holds a professional qualification awarded after completing the specialized training in a selected area. .

Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons (F.C.P.S) holds a professional qualification awarded after completing the specialized training in a selected area. FCPS has been recognized by the Maharashtra medical council since 2010, FCPS has 5 different meanings which take part within the medical terminology such as fellowship of college of physicians & surgeons, fellow of the college of physicians & surgeons and many more but with the same meanings and definitions. It is ensured that fellowship of college of physicians and surgeons is one of the toughest exams taken by the doctors to succeed into higher levels in the medical sector, with proper planning and time the exam can be easily taken off. However, More than 19,000 trainer places have been awarded in 207 CPSP (College of physicians and surgeons Pakistan) recognized institutes all over the countries. FCPS gives a wide range of professional developments for the candidates and staff like trainers and guilders in the particular field, from academic and institution coaching and courses to sharing opportunities for leadership and skills developments about the FCPS medicine. FCPS is also known to be a high level academic degree in the medical field. Currently FCPS is enrolling foreign doctors and trainers through the USA medical board.

FCPS Medicine course is also called Fellowship CPS in medicine. FCPS course is affiliated with many medical councils like Maharashtra Medical council, Karnataka Medical council, Gujarat Medical council etc. This course scope of training is related to diseases in use of general medicine, what will be the causes of using some general medicine, over usage and disadvantage of general medicine, relevant radiology techniques, picturisation by the use of X-rays, gamma rays and other similar devices used to view the internal body parts for any kind of diagnosis, preventions and operations. Intensive care management & emergency care will be analysed in the course. Intensive care management or crucial management deals with medically specialized responsibilities for the critically inhabitants patients. The patients with serious problems or injuries are taken to this specialized medically, It is also know that serious patients are taken to ICUs (Intensive care units), where a person get treatment from specially trained doctors. Candidates gets to know all kinds of emergency, basic science, radiology techniques and many more related to operations. The related knowledge is imparted by some applied basic knowledge of medical science, biostatistics and clinical epidemiology. Students will also be given skill developments such as decision making skills, ability to carry out research, monitoring seriously ill people and ability of teaching undergraduate candidates. Teachings and learning activities, short and long topics presentations, OPD managing skills, research review, case discussions and developments will also be held. Therefore, the course provides structured training programs by yearly bases as first year residency, second year residency and third year residency. Many structured training programs will be held in the duration of the course, related to medical techniques, management and responsibilities.

The Candidates with a medical MBBS degree can get through this course, from MCI (Medical Council of India) recognized institution, which is a three-years of duration period and admission is held through counselling. The job options for FCPS graduates are in consultant medicine, investigators, packing, healthcare, consultant internal medicine and pharmaceuticals.