DM - Paediatric Endocrinology

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Pediatric Endocrinology is an important part of medical science that deals with the endocrine system of the children.

Pediatric Endocrinology is an important part of medical science that deals with the endocrine system of the children and the diagnosis, research, prevention and treatment of diseases related to it. It is concerned with the understanding of hormone-related problems that can hamper the pubertal development and the growth in children. Pediatric Endocrinologists are specialized to diagnose issues like diabetes milletus, metabolic bone disorders; over or under functioning of pituitary gland, sex development disorders; thyroid and adrenal disorder and childhood obesity programme. Pediatric Endocrinologists are trained in specialized care as they are committed towards the well-being of children. Many notable studies have been done in this field during recent times that has led to the growing importance of Pediatric endocrinology in India, for example around 40% of the Indian population is affected by osteoporosis, which is bone disorder, and another example is the prevalence of thypothrodism in children. The role of Indians in this discipline is remarkable especially in the research material on goitre and research paper on the India Diabetes Prevention programme. This indicates a very promising future opportunity for Indian Pediatric endocrinologists.

DM in Pediatric Endocrinology is a thoroughly guided and highly supervised course. The purpose of the course is to provide intensive didactic information and first-hand practical experience of laboratory training in this field of medicine. It is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in the speciality of the Pediatric Endocrinology medical system. The course is designed to prepare the students in all aspects of Pediatric Endocrinology along with its allies subspecialties of Pediatric diabetes; growth disorders; Adrenal gland disorders, growth and maturation, thyroid disorders; sex development disorders like micropenis, bone metabolism; neonatal disorders like hypoglycemia, adrenal hyperplasia, diabetes Mellitus, neuro endocrine disorders and many other subjects. With the growing number of complications in the cases, it has become important to specialize the learners in the essential principles of Pediatric Endocrinology so that they can render their consultative assistance too. It is expected that during the course the students will gain proficiency in many aspects of medicinal science and will be able to cater to the needs of the patient in alliance with the national health programme in the field of endocrinology and Pediatrics like the National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and ethical issues like informed consent. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it demands participation in research work, clinical audit, seminars, journal clubs, case conferences and discussions, viva, grand round presentations and practical exposure of first-hand knowledge and theories of teachings. The curriculum also provides additional competency in antenatal screening tests, CGMS, CSII, imaging procedures like FISH technique, MPS screening, karyotype, various simulation tests like clondine simulation test, water deprivation tests and others. Overall, the course prepares the students for a highly skilled job through both intensive didactic lectures and practical projects in all facets of Pediatric endocrinology.

The course can be taken by the candidates who have completed MD in Medicine or Biochemistry or Paediatrics from a recognized university. The duration of the course spans 3 years. A career in this field is very promising as one can seek employment in sectors like government hospitals, private clinics, research centres, laboratories, medical universities and many more. The job roles offered are Pediatric Endocrine consultant, professor, pediatric Endocrinologist, Professor, researcher, and many others. And if one wants to enrich one’s understanding of this field, the option of further studies is always open.