DM - Histopathology

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Histopathology is a domain of pathology that involves the study of sampled cells and tissues under the microscope..

Histopathology is a domain of pathology that involves the study of sampled cells and tissues under the microscope. The purposes are the identification, evaluation and prevention of disease at the cellular level through the diagnosis of diseases. Histopathologists area of focus is very vast ranging from examining histopathological slides to consultant services. Histopathologists also work in collaboration with oncologists or radiologists by assisting them in the analysis of tissue. They get to show their expertise in various domains of medical science. The science of Pathology has been undergoing various kinds of changes for example development of digital pathology, which has transformed the traditional nature of histopathology. A Breakthrough in this discipline happened with the introduction of immunohistochemistry, which is crucial for tumour diagnosis. and with the emergence of modern techniques like artificial neural networking, brain mapping, tissue imaging techniques, telepathy, the shortcomings of this discipline have been resolved to some extent. 

DM in Histopathology is a thoroughly guided and highly supervised course. The purpose of the course is to provide intensive didactic knowledge and first-hand practical experience of laboratory haematology training in this field of medicine. It is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in the speciality of Histopathology. The course is designed to prepare the students in all aspects of Histopathology along with its allied subspecialties of cellular pathology, anatomical pathology, cytopathology, histology, molecular biology, autopsy, exfoliative cytology, forensic pathology, immunohistochemistry, histochemistry, electron microscopy, micrometry, autoradiography, fluorescence microscopy and many other concepts. With the growing number of complications in the cases, it has become important to specialize the learners in the essential principles of histopathology so that they can render their consultative assistance too. It is expected that during the course the students will gain mastery in many aspects of medical science and will be able to cater to the needs of the patient in alliance with various health policy and medico-legal aspect related to medicines. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it demands participation in research work, seminars, journal clubs, case presentations and discussions, viva, grand round presentations and practical exposure of first-hand knowledge and theories of teachings. The curriculum also provides additional competency in sample collection, sample transport, sample evaluation, tissue processing, labelling, specimen identification, animal research techniques, putrefaction, Grossing, tissue processor, favourable environmental conditions and its monitoring. Overall, the course prepares the students for a highly skilled job through both intensive didactic lectures and clinical training for a few months in all facets of histopathology.

The course can be taken by the candidates who completed MD or DNB from a recognized university. The course duration spans 3 years. A career in this field is very promising as one can seek employment in sectors like government hospitals, private clinics, research centres, clinical histology laboratory, medical universities and many more. The job roles offered are clinical pathology consultant, medical advisor, biomedical researcher, specialists, histopathologist, and many others. And if one wants to enrich one’s understanding of this field, the option of further studies is always open.