DM - Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology (Internal Medicine)

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Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology is a specified and specialized branch of medical science, deals with diseases.

Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology is a specified and specialized branch of medical science, deals with diseases which are arising out of disturbance and inactivities in the immune system. When the immune system goes wrong, it starts damaging the cells and tissues of the body. Immunology is completely about the process that enables our immune systems to react to evolving threats and immunology based disease treatments. Rheumatology is all about the study of rheumatism, muscles, ligaments and other inhabitants of joints, and also specifies investigations, rehabilitation and diagnosis of patients who are literally facing many problems in their musculoskeletal system. Totally Immunology & Rheumatology is specialized with the treatments and diagnosis of immune system disorders and rheumatic diseases. The Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology department is dealing with researches, educations and clinical treatments of diseases in which human Immunological abnormalities occurs in immune system, which are involved in the pathogenesis and developments, with include of connective tissue diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergic disease and rheumatic diseases. Therefore, since this therapeutic application of immunology covers cancer therapy and transplantation, clinical immunology and rheumatology is used in wide applications. By developing the new diagnosis and treatments strategies which are offered by advanced cynical centres or service, and training the leading specialists and researchers in the particular field. 

DM - Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology is a specialized medical science course. This course consists and teaches about the major components of the curriculum and will be covered with theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, practise skills and research methodology and social care. The student learns about the ability to work with diagnosed patients related to either Immunology or Rheumatology diseases analysed by signs or symptoms. The course depends on awareness of new developments in the medicines, immunology, rheumatology, pain management, orthopedics, rehabilitations, nursing and psychiatry. The course is designed for students who are interested in research and management and execution. As well as this help students to gain huge profitable knowledge and skills in clinical field, the basic & advanced knowledge such as detailed history of patients with rheumatic diseases, complete rheumatology examination, rational and interpretation use of immunological tests, tissues biopsies like salivary gland biopsy, joint and soft tissue injections and joint lavage. Many clinical and research skills are applicable through this course. The course will also give training with the interpretation of X-rays, US, MRI, bone densitometry and angiograms as well as the usage of IVIG (Interventions immune globulin) and stem cells therapies. Overall, the course teaches many skills about the immune system, clinical skills and joints or bones inhabitants, with remedies and researches.

Doctorate in medicine of Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology is basically a three-year post-graduation course offered by Institute of Medical Education and Research (IMER), also approved by National medical commission (NMC). Candidates should be completed MD/MS or equivalent degree from recognized university. Even have 1 year experience in an internship or job in any recognized university/company. Initially, students need to appear in entrance tests such as NEET. Future career options will be great and can be in the government as well as private options, likely public health manager, physician, research officer, epidemiologist and internal consultant.