Diploma in Radiation Medicine

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Radiation is the process where energy emitted from a body travels to another body employing a medium or even through a vacuum..

Radiation is the process where energy emitted from a body travels to another body employing a medium or even through a vacuum. Radiation is used in many sectors of life such as electricity, radio antennas, heating devices, nuclear energy, etc. It is also used in the field of medical science, for the purpose of treatment, diagnosis, and management of diseases. It can be used in diagnostic tools such as X-rays, CT scans, and other diagnostic and disease treatment therapy. It is used in physiotherapy and also for treatment, where the killing of cells in diseases such as cancer is vital. There is plenty of research happening in this field of medicine as well, one for major points of inclusion being the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into radiation therapy, creation and development of devices such as the laser electron accelerator, breakthroughs in the field of image-guided radiation therapy, and a better understanding of that era, and the study in multifunctional uniform nanoparticles pertaining to magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging. All these are all major upcoming technological developments in the field of radiation medicine. 

The course aims to equip professionals with the adequate skill and knowledge required to operate machinery perform procedures and also come up with the appropriate diagnostic tool for the shown symptoms. The course deals with the diagnosis sector of Medical Science and Radio Diagnosis through Radiation Therapy. It is the ideal course for the students who are willing to pursue this and devote themselves to serve humanity and mankind. It encounters various medical techniques and true Medical Procedures to fight off deadly diseases like cancer, internal body injuries, and diseases, etc. The course program is itself a medical contribution to society for the benefit of mankind and especially for the procurement of the medical tools to diagnose lethal diseases like cancer and all. The student aiming to pursue a course of this nature will enable them to educate themselves in both the practical and theoretical aspects of Radiology Therapy and numerous amount of different diagnosis procedures settled on by the Radiologists and Radiotherapy Physicians. Students are also provided with the option to grasp the various concepts of Radiology medicine by making use of fundamentals such as including anatomy, physiology, and pathology, etc.

This is an undergraduate or post-graduate specialization where students can take it based on their attempt at an entrance examination. The minimum eligibility of this course for an undergraduate specialization is a senior secondary certificate from a recognized curriculum and for the post-graduate certification the student should have completed undergraduation in science stream from a state or central university. Graduates of this course have tremendous job opportunities including jobs in the private and government sector, in hospitals, in laboratory clinics as a radiologist, in diagnosis centers, medical colleges as a lecturer. They can also seek work in different job roles such as X-Ray Technicians, Radiation Therapy Technologists, Radiation Protection Specialists, Diagnostic Radiographers, and Radiation Therapy Team Supervisors, etc., or further dwell into the world of research where such a discipline is widely valued.