Diploma in Public Health

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Public Health is a field of study which involves the prevention and mitigation of diseases at a macro level..

Public Health is a field of study which involves the prevention and mitigation of diseases at a macro level. It takes into account the physical, physiological as well as social well-being. It also encompasses improvement in quality of life which is achieved through an organized effort and coordination between communities, organizations and individuals. Public health of a society can be quantified by determining the health of the population. The scale with which we use to refer to the term public can be as small as a village or as large as a continent. It is an interdisciplinary study that has aspects of social science, statistics, management techniques and other sub-field such as community health, behavioural health, public policy, mental health, gender issues in health and reproductive health to name a few. Public health of a community is improved by means of surveillance, measurement of health indicators and awareness about good health practices. The development of a nation significantly depends upon its public health system and the measures adopted by the government to improve public health. Even the recent outbreak out the Covid-19 shows how vital is the public health care system in times of a rapid pandemic. This has even prompted nations to rethink the current quality of the state health infrastructures. 

Diploma in Public Health is taught with the objective of improving the quality and capacity of the public managerial workforce through delivering the specially designed curriculum in public health management. The course is interdisciplinary both in terms of content and teaching methodology followed. It includes a diverse range of methods such as case study discussions, assignments, seminars and field visits. Good importance is given to critical thinking and practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge. The case study discussions and field visits enable the students to look at things from different perspectives which in turn helps them to inculcate the skills required for a public health official. The curriculum is designed in such as way that the students gain proficiency to pursue higher-level research in the same. Some important subjects taught in the course are health behaviour, public health, environment and safety, and health services administration. Students will also be taking up research work towards the end of the course along with fieldwork. 

Diploma in Public Health is a full-time course spanning a duration of 1 year. Candidates who have completed their undergraduate degree in MBBS, BDS, B.Sc in nursing/health science/natural science or BA in Social Science. Relevant work experience in the domain can also serve as beneficial during the time of admission. Admission will be on the basis of marks scored by the candidates in the entrance examination. Upon completion of the course, students will get job opportunities in many areas such as administration, health promotion, health information manager, research data support manager, emergency response officer, etc. Some top institutes in India that offer the course are the Indian Institute of Public Health (Gurgaon), SS Institute of Professional Education (Uttar Pradesh), University of Delhi and Lady Irwin College, New Delhi.