Diploma in Industrial Health

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Industrial health comes under the arena of public health that deals with the well-being of workers. .

Industrial health comes under the arena of public health that deals with the well-being of workers. The idea of Industrial health is to ensure that working conditions are favorable for the workers and to be able to minimize the risk of hazards and faults that is prone to happen in the workplace. This is centred on the idea that prevention is the key and industrial fatigue in the workplace can be prevented if appropriate measures are followed. The activities performed by workers can be hazardous and various types of occupational hazards exist for example physical hazard, chemical hazard, biological hazards mechanical hazards, psychological hazards and too many. Therefore hazard identification becomes an important part of Industrial health. This process involves a thorough understanding of past experiences, work safety analysis, human error analysis allied with other sources. Notable research had been happening related to the analysis of hazard during recent times. The advancement of technology has eased the process and increased the immediate need for professionals in this field to ensure the accuracy of the analysis. Recent data proves that with the introduction of health innovation approaches and the growing emphasis on sustainable development, Industrial health becomes an important arena of interest for the upcoming generation.

A diploma in Industrial Health is a course that fall under the field of medicine. It is a medical course that has the approval of the Medical Council of India (MCI). Unlike any other course in healthcare, this course requires a specialized understanding of frameworks that can be able to implement control programs in the workplace allied with proper application of managerial understanding to analyse the understanding of various socio-economic factors on the safety practices. The program is suited to cater to the needs of the workforce through a deep understanding of subjects like safety, health and Environment, Safety Engineering, Environmental Management, Applied Ergonomics, Advanced Safety Management, Workplace Hygiene, and Occupational health. With the wide industry concept, the students are equipped in all aspects with the help of frequent industry visits, workshops, seminars, and case discussion. In addition to this, structured tasks and analysis are given for the students to solve via teamwork. This helps to develop the traits of teamwork, cooperation and enhance the analytical skill of students. The course will also help students to gain proficiency in many other aspects like risk assessment, risk management, system analysis, research methodology and clinical based screening. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it will expand knowledge in the healthcare domain and provide specific exposure to this field. It is a thoroughly guided and supervised course that demands a full commitment of the students. Overall, its course curriculum enriches the student in the healthcare domain through both didactic teachings as well as first-hand experience of the industry. 

The course can be taken by the candidates who have completed M.B.B.S from a recognized institute. There are only a few institutes in India that offer this course. The course duration is 2 years. After the completion of the course, one can expect a job in sectors like healthcare centres, universities, health equipment manufacturing companies and others. Job profiles include safety technicians, medically assistant, research analyst and many more. One can even enhance the understanding of this domain by going for further studies.