Diploma (Marine Medicine)

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Diploma in Marine Medicine is a speciality post-graduate course offered for students who wish to pursue marine medicine as a career.

Marine Medicine is a relatively new field in the field of medical science which found relevance during the sixties when naval warfare was introduced. The unfamiliar undersea environment exposed humans to new health hazards creating a demand for medical practitioners who were equipped with the knowledge and expertise to encounter health problems that arise in the marine ecosystem. Even though the history of marine medicine is tied up with naval warfare, marine medicine is also becoming relevant to researchers carrying out study in the area of marine drugs. This study stems from the philosophy of understanding the ocean as the source of many natural products which can be used for pharmacological benefits. Some examples of these include marine sponges, algae, corals and molluscans which are primary sources for biomedical compounds. Marine medicine is giving hope to fight many deadly diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. Hence humans entering undersea require diagnosis, prevention and treatment for underwater conditions. Since the field of marine medicine is in a premature stage, there is vast scope for future research in the same and at the same time creating the demand for marine medicine experts.

Diploma in Marine Medicine is a speciality post-graduate course offered for students who wish to pursue marine medicine as a career. The course curriculum can be briefly divided into three domains which are marine medicine, dive medicine and medicine at sea. Dive medicine, which is also called undersea and hyperbaric medicine (UHB) is an important module in the course which concerns the diagnosis, prevention and treatment conditions caused by marine hazards mainly for divers. Another important subject covered in the course is human physiology with a focus on topics such as the effects of high pressure on the human body, temperature regulation and respiratory system. Training cells are also located in the institute which imparts theoretical and practical expertise for the candidates. The course will also be research-oriented and mandates a research project and thesis submission at the end of the course. Many publically funded projects associated with the course are ongoing so students will also get to become part of the same. Some of the teaching methods that are being adopted for the students are didactic lectures, symposiums, seminars and lab training methodologies. National seminars and workshops organized will be government-funded. Other student enrichment programmes include soft skill programmes, monthly clinical meetings, guest lecture series and research methodology workshops. 

The only institute in India which offers postgraduate degree for marine medicine is the Institute of Naval Medicine, Aswini (INHS). The institute is located in the city of Mumbai. Course duration is two years and the eligibility to opt for the course is having completed MBBS from an institute recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The admission process will be based on NEET PG entrance examination. Completing the course opens the door for doctors to join the Indian Navy. Doctors who are already employed in the Navy can also improve the job position with the help of this course.