MD - Pharmacology

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Pharmacology is a division of medical science that is involved with medication or drug response.

Pharmacology is a division of medical science that is involved with medication or drug response, where medication may be described as any synthetic or natural material which causes a physiological or bio-chemical impact on an organism, organ, tissue, or cell. More accurately, it is the research of the synergies that happen amidst a living being and substances that induce natural or unnatural biochemical action. If materials have medicinal characteristics, they are regarded as pharmaceuticals. The domain comprises drug formation and features, assembly and configuration of drugs, cellular and molecular processes,  cellular transmission, organ mechanisms, molecular diagnostics and anti-pathogenic abilities. The fields of prime importance in pharmacology are pharmaco-kinetics and pharmaco-dynamics. Pharmaco-kinetics researches the impacts of biological systems on medication and pharmacodynamics analyzes the influences of a remedy on biological systems. Pharmacology is not the same as pharmacy and these names are often used instead of each other. Pharmacology, a biomedical area, comprises the analysis, detection, and characterization of substances that display biological effects and the clarification of organismal and cellular function in association with these substances. Meanwhile, pharmacy, a health aids service, is involved in the utilisation of the policies learned from pharmacology in its clinical contexts; whether it be in a clinical care or dispensing role. In either field, the main distinction between the two is their difference between their in-person patient supervision, pharmacy system, and the medicine oriented research field, urged on by pharmacology. This area opens a plethora of possibilities for specialists after finishing the MD Pharmacology course. These experts may get chances in areas like pharmaceutical organisations, hospitals and clinics, laboratories, military healthcare services, etc. These specialists can also work in non-scientific domains like institutes, marketing fields, etc. 

In this course, pupils will read medicinal action where the medication can be widely used. These medications can be described as a natural or synthetic substance that produces a biochemical or physiological effect on living beings. In this course, scholars analyse clinical and other essential sciences as linked to laboratory and clinical pharmacology, general and systematic pharmacology, and recent advances in pharmacology. The course equips one to obtain information on biological outcomes, curative, biochemical applications of medicines. It familiarizes scholars with two principal topics namely pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. In these major themes, scholars obtain a complete depiction of the practice and secure effects of different medication. This course outlines the impact of biologically vital chemicals and examines drugs that create biological impact and their molecular functions. Students discover the results of using chemical means upon behavioural, subcellular, physiological, and systemic processes. The main aim of this course is to prevent and cure ailments and deal with the risks of pesticides and herbicides. This program helps in gaining information on pharmacology and scientific knowledge on the pharmacology of medicines.

MD Pharmacology is a 3-year full time course where the eligibility is an MBBS degree along with a mandatory 1-year internship from any medical Council of India (MCI) recognized institution. After passing MD pharmacology, a scholar will have broadly three options. One can  get posting as a lecturer and enter the academic sector. Practitioners can also join as medical consultant/expert in the pharmaceutical industry, of which the initial post offered is that of a regional medical consultant/expert. It is also possible to join in Contact Research Organizations(CRO)  or in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug safety physician which is a pharmacovigilance job where the scope of growth is huge.