Diploma in Child Health

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The Diploma in Child deals with the understanding and education of the fitness and growth of children .

The Diploma in Child is an undergraduate or postgraduate course that deals with the understanding and education of the fitness and growth of children and their requirements till they reach a prescribed age till they are grown. The program facilitates access to care and helps medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pediatric care officials have a thorough knowledge and skillset to help their patients ranging from neonates to adolescents. The course is of vital importance as the target community has comparatively low immunity and is hence prone to infections diseases than the rest. Recent developments in the field include the research of improved neonatal surgical techniques, determining pediatric blood sample volume limits that are consistent with physiological restrictions at minimal risk, and the building of awareness of child health on a global circuit especially to reach developing and highly populated nations.
The course is designed to help candidates undertake a specialization that deals with a wide range of patients in terms of health, illness, and wellness. It helps students have an understanding of their patients’ health from behavioral and population-based perspectives. It is done by initially build a strong foundation in basic and applied sciences. The course aims to build, medical personnel with special knowledge and skillsets in Pediatric medicine. It acts as a gateway for further specialties but also the clinical skills and aptitude in pediatric care and public health. The course would provide an individual with fundamentals such as basic medical sciences and laboratory medicine and then move on to topics such as psychological behavioral manifestations disorders, ethics in pediatrics and child care, clinical epidemiology, nutrition, emergency pediatric services, emergency pediatric services, metabolic diseases, development of diagnostic approach and interpretation of symptomatology and clinical signs in infants, children and adolescents, social pediatrics and preventive pediatrics. The course is aimed at developing this special branch of health care to handle the disorders and health issues of young children in their growth and development stages. These issues must be looked into in the earlier stages with utmost priority. 
The Diploma in Child Health is a two-year course offered by many reputed institutions in the country. The eligibility criteria for those aiming to take the course as an undergraduate degree would have to meet the basic criteria of having completed their senior secondary school under a recognized board (10+2) with science streams and biology as a subject. Those who wish to undertake the course as a post-graduate degree however would have to have completed their MBBS certification from a recognized central or state board of medical accreditation. A Diploma in Child Health graduate would ideally join either a hospital or a health care unit or even become a physician with a private practice. The responsibilities of this job include being a practitioner that nurses babies and children to make sure they get ample medical attention and make diagnoses and direct appropriate treatment techniques. The course also opens up a possibility of educational professions in the fields of pediatric surgery and nutrition, especially for child athletes.